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Why quit nursing or music, both save lives – Mandedes speaks on new album ‘Man and Many Things’

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US based Intensive Care Unit Nurse and musician Chidiebere Nwosu popularly known as Mandedes has said that his main goal is to touch and save lives regardless of the path he chooses.

Mandedes, who has been in the healthcare sector for 16 years said he has never thought of quitting Nursing or music.

He said that as an ICU nurse, the goal is to save lives, adding that he wants to do the same with music.

With an album ‘Man and Many Things’ released on Christmas day, Mandedes said he feels one part of his dream is coming to life and he can never be happier.

“I am so glad we are here now. I have been looking forward to the album and all the buzz it will bring. I’ll just follow up and see where it takes me.

My album is about life, about the struggles of being a man. It touches our consciousness and as the title is ‘Man and Many Things’ it is me voicing out; there is love and just everything that keeps our souls going”, he said.

One being a diasporan afrocentric artist, he said that it does not matter because the world is a global village now.

“Nigeria and the entire Africa can now be reached from anywhere and all I have to do is put out something great out there, people will love it and they will hear me.

Afrobeat is also big in the USA and you’ll never believe the kind of audience you’ll get here and if you have the backing of people from home, that will be icing on the cake””

Mandedes also said that as a healthcare practitioner, one of his goals is to do something back home to help people enjoy quality healthcare.

He added that no matter how big his musical career gets, he will never quit nursing.

“I won’t quit nursing per say, but my goal is to build hospitals in places like Nigeria and other African countries to help other people in need of healthcare” he said.

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