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Fulani herdsmen kidnap crossover light bound, demand N5m ransom

by admin@okeomanews.ng

A January crossover night church service bound, Nzubechi Mbajunwa, was on Wednesday night kidnapped by suspected Fulani herdsmen operating at the deeded area of Avu and Ihiagwa forest in the Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State. 

The victim’s father, Reginald, who practices journalism in Owerri, shared the development with journalists in the state capital on Thursday. 

He said that his son was abducted and taken into the forest and a N5m ransom immediately placed on him. 

The journalist disclosed that his son’s abductors called him and asked him to provide N5m before they could release him. 

In an earlier update he said “my son Nzubechi Chiekezi -Mbajunwa has just been kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen and they are demanding for 5 million naira between now and 11 am tomorrow ( today).” 

Giving further update he added “my son was going for a crossover night.

Between Avu and Obinze, he climbed Okada of a Hausa boy. Along the way the Okada boy fell down and his cohorts came out from the bush and fired gun sporadically and took my son. 

” When they called me and demanded for 5 million naira .I asked them not to harm him that I will look for the money and the church want into prayers within three hours my wife called me that he escaped from the bastards.

” God fought them . Even with his hands tied, he fought them like a wounded lion .

“His shout attracted a the policeman on night security at Mangero water company.They called me and I invited Obinze vigilante who accompanied me to the place.

That’s the sad/good news in brief.

“He boarded Okada at Avu to Obinze around 6.38pm. In less than 4 minutes ride, the Okada boy fell down and the Fulani herdsmen came out and picked my son to the forest.

” They were taking him to Nekede where they kill people and harvest their organs if you don’t pay the ransom on time.

God manifested his powers in a mysterious way . Empowered my son who now fought the kidnappers and over powered them .

” He tore their shirts and ran to Mangero water company where the police security their rescued him. My son gave him my wife’s phone number and he informed my wife that my son is now with him. My wife called me and I quickly mobilized Obinze vigilante officers who accompanied me to Mangero water company and picked my son Nzubechi.

To God be the glory.”

The spokesperson for the police in the state, Henry Okoye said” The CP and his management team will be having a stake holders security meeting with the community and youth leaders of Avu, Ihiagwa, Nekede, Obinze and other neighbouring communities. All this issues will be addressed today.

“The Police will certainly succeed and win the fight against criminality in the State if we encourage the general public to support the police by provision of actionable intelligence and information.” 

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