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EA Denies Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors Amid Development Speculations

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EA recently refuted claims of a Dead Space 2 remake in the works, stating, “We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story,” according to a spokesperson responding to IGN. These comments come in response to reports from Jeff Grubb suggesting that EA Motive had conceptualized a Dead Space 2 remake, which was later shelved due to underwhelming sales of the previous installment. However, IGN’s sources indicate that EA Motive never considered pursuing a Dead Space 2 remake.

Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg reporter, confirmed EA’s stance in an update, revealing that while EA Motive did explore ideas for a new Dead Space entry, none were approved, and the focus shifted to other projects. Schreier’s insights shed light on the internal workings of EA Motive and its pivot away from a Dead Space 2 remake.

Although official sales figures for the Dead Space remake haven’t been disclosed by EA, it was reportedly the top-selling new game in the U.S. in January 2023. Sources suggest that the Dead Space remake was perceived as successful, although there are conflicting reports regarding its performance against expectations.

EA’s recent announcement highlighted the formation of a new team at Motive, led by Dead Space Remake developers Roman Campos-Oriola and Phillipe Ducharme. This team is tasked with supporting single-player and multiplayer objectives for the Battlefield Universe. Additionally, EA Motive affirmed its commitment to the Iron Man project, emphasizing its importance and positive development progress.

The Dead Space Remake, released in early 2023, received acclaim for its visual enhancements and creative additions to the original game. While fans hoped for a Dead Space 2 remake following the positive reception, EA Motive’s current focus appears to be centered on Battlefield and Iron Man projects.

As of now, release dates for the Connected Battlefield Universe and Iron Man remain undisclosed. For more insights into upcoming games and developments in 2024, stay tuned for further updates.

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