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See what Ikenga Ugochinyere said in Abuja about 2023 elections

by OkeomaNews



Thank you gentlemen of the press for responding to our call and affording us the platform to exercise our constitutional right to freedom of expression. We are very grateful and we shall not take your gesture for granted.First is to thank God for His Fatherly protection, care and love, Mary Our Most Beloved Mother for her continued intercession and Perpetual Help.Before we continue, I would please urge all of us and Nigerians watching us live across various Television and radio channels to observe a minute silence for the repose of the souls of our brothers, family members and supporters who fell to the bullets of gunmen on the 14th January, 2023 at my country home in Umukegwu, Akokwa in Ideato North Local Government of Imo State particularly my father’s younger brother/Uncle, Chief Daniel Iloabanafo Ikeagwuonu (Uncle Dan) who allowed himself to be gruesomely murdered to make sure I am alive. AFTER THE MINUTE SILENCEUncle Dan nurtured me like a son all through his life. He was my most supportive family member. A humble and lovely soul, who without hesitation gave his life that I may live to see this day. We remember the Chief Ikechukwu Raymond Ihejirika and Ebuka Echecha both of who also fell to the bullets of these terrorists. We also remember those who sustained bullet wounds and whose properties were destroyed and burnt alongside our own during the attack.Today marks the 18th day since the attack which was carried out on the third anniversary memorial day,  Hope Uzodimma was made a Governor of Imo State by people who are not voters in Imo State.We have not spoken to the media since the attack as we were mourning. All through the days of grieving, we saw those who grieved with us and those who mocked us. Permit me to salute all men of conscience and goodwill in Akokwa, in Ideato, in Imo State, in Igboland, in Nigeria and all over the world who took time out to sympathize with us especially those who physically visited and called us on the phone . 

Particular mention goes to our supporters who trooped out en masse immediately after the attack and showed us solidarity. We salute our supporters in PDP, outside PDP, across party lines, members of our Grassroots Development Forum (GDF) and the candidates who called to show us solidarity.We are grateful to the Imo State Chapter of PDP and the State Working Committee led by Engr. Charles Ugwu and Rt.Hon.Emeka Ihedioha who even suspended campaigns for one week and mourned with us. I salute Members of the CUPP and Chairmen/Leaders of Political Parties. Though it was most painful that in this painful period, the national leadership of my party led by Iyochia Ayu  chose not to make a comment or even condemn the attack because of personal differences with some members of the National Working Committee. It hurt very badly that we were abandoned at such a time. But that will be addressed later as it is not a matter for today.I heartily salute my friend,and Former boss Dr. Bukola Saraki for standing firmly with us, encouraging us and condemning the gruesome attack. I also salute big brother Mr. Peter Obi who amidst his tight schedule called from Chatham House, London a couple of days after the attack. Also I salute Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who also reached out and blessed us with words of encouragement. I also salute numerous Governors from both the PDP and APC especially Governor Nyesom Wike as well as political leaders from all other political parties who all expressed solidarity. I really appreciate you all.I also specially appreciate, Dr. Chukwuma Soludo who really took time to console and encourage us. He spent hours on the phone and the lessons from all he said will never be lost on us. We appreciate members and former members of the National Assembly, State Houses of Assembly, PDP Family in Ideato Fed Const, Our Community leaders and Youths, media personalities, activists too numerous to mention ,My brother Timi Frank,Deji Adeyanju , civil society, lawyers, political associates, non-political associates, clients, businessmen in oil and gas sector, the financial sector and other sectors who are very close to me ,My elder brother Chukwuma Umeoji and his family. I have a special place in my heart to salute my friend and elder brother, Mazi Chima Matthew. I appreciate all of you as the list is endless and too numerous to mention.Gentlemen, today we come to the end of the first phase of our grieving period. Though the remains our loved ones are still in the mortuary but we are convinced that it is our bounden duty to complete this cause for which they laid down their lives.I thank the entire Ikeagwuonu Family led by my Father for standing united and with me throughout this challenging moments.On January 14th, we came under heavy terrorist attack led and coordinated by militias who from all evidence were state sponsored and state backed with the sole aim of killing me to permanently silence me from making any other exposures on the rigging plans against the 2023 general election. We were shot at, we were bombed with high grade explosives, houses were leveled with bombs, those still standing were shaken to their foundations and vehicles numbering over 32 were all set ablaze with these explosives. Several motorcycles belonging to us and  hardworking villagers were burnt amongst other property valued in billions that was lost in the attacks.They attacked in broad daylight, firing from all angles and leaving over 500 bullet holes on the houses in my country home. Innocent people were killed for no reason.January 14 is now very quickly assuming a dark day in the history of Imo State. On 14th January 2020 Imo State watched helplessly as a man whom they did not vote for was pronounced as Governor of the State, an illegitimacy that haunts us till this day. Since then, Imo has been turned into a killing field with tributaries of blood now flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. We got intelligence that a convoy of assailants was looking for the way to my country home. I did not see the message when it arrived because I was discussing with my team. But upon seeing it I rushed out to inform the security men on duty to reinforce and organize and while that was going on, I sighted the convoy but before our security men could react, they opened fire at me, I only narrowly escaped being hit by the special grace and mercy of God. With the security men, we now rushed into one of our houses and formed a defence that they continued to hit on. Thank God we survived.Gentlemen, let me make it categorically clear; I was not attacked by members of IPOB. I was attacked by a state sponsored militia that has semblance with the same team that attacked my convoy on the 23rd of December, 2022 which was led by the Special Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodimma on special Duties, Mr. Chinasa Nwaneri who was seated in a white Hilux van that was used for that attack.It is important that I state these clearly because Imo under  Hope Uzodimma is now a society where life is short and brutish, it is now an animal kingdom and human life has lost all value. 

The anarchy in Imo State has now gone out of hand with different killer groups operating freely. Gallant soldiers and policemen have even been felled by bullets of these squads yet they continue undeterred while the Government of Imo State has continued to politicize the killings without any serious effort to bring it under control like you all saw in my own case.

HOW DID ALL THIS IKENGA MUST DIE AGENDA START:Sometime in September, I informed the world of the grand manipulation and compromise of the voter register, a plot now popularly called OMUMA MAGIC. Nigerians will like to note that INEC has sine removed over three million of such fake names imputed into the voter Register. It has also identified 25 of its staff who were involved in Omuma Magic and has commenced internal disciplinary actions against them. So when they say what we said was a lie, ignore them.Following that revelation of the compromise which spanned across 14 states and my quest for justice and action against all those who were involved, the Uzodimma administration became very uncomfortable with me and they stated looking for ways to silence us. They know that if we could have got that information, then we would get more. First they framed me for terrorism and arson, claimed that I was responsible for the burning of INEC offices in Imo State, that it was from documents I obtained from the burnt offices that I made the Omuma Magic allegations. They also made murder allegations against me. They made several other spurious and disgusting allegations. I endured all this and still kept calling for justice for the compromise of the voter register. These allegations were not just rumours, the Attorney General of Imo State made these allegations in processes he filed in Court.

 So this one that the Governor has said that I held meetings with people to stop elections in South East still sounds as empty and unintelligent as all other ones from which we have emerged victorious in court.Unfortunately, despite facts that are public, petitions to security agencies, the internal disciplinary measures by INEC and other evidence available, the security agencies have not been able to charge even one person to court. This shows clearly that they have backing in high places. However, Nigerian should ask this vital question; how did the people who infused the names and photographs, without biometrics of individuals in the voter register intend to use those names to their advantage if they have not found a way to bypass the BVAS accreditation process? If they could not have used them, would they have bothered themselves adding those names and photographs culled from school year books, almanacs, calendars, obituary records and from records of citizens of other countries? Yet innocent INEC staff were rather charged to Court.

 Those charges have been withdrawn when they could not gather any  evidence to back up their baseless charges. Unfortunately for inexplicable reasons, the DSS Imo State Command and the Anti-kidnapping unit of the Imo State Police Command were in on this. It is quite painful.In the unforeseen event that the 2023 general election goes wrong, Nigerians should know that those who were behind the compromise of the register and their collaborators are responsible.  To forestall this, I hereby call again that the security agencies must fish out all those involved in the Omuma Magic voter register compromise and prosecute them. This is the same call for which the state has conspired to ensure that I am killed. But rather than get scared, they should know that I am more emboldened to make the call yet again. If the security agencies ask themselves how all those imported names who do not have finger prints were supposed to be accredited and be used to vote, they will know that the election faces severe threats and they will work hard to nip it in the bud. These people are working on how to undermine  the BVAS technology and in other not to allow Nigerians know, Ikenga must be silenced.When I received a call, which I would replay here for the whole world to hear, from Chinasa Nwaneri, the Special Adviser to the Imo State Governor on “Special Duties” notorious in Imo for leading physical attacks on the opponents of the Governor, the judiciary and Imo citizens at large, I petitioned, but no action was taken. Chinasa Nwaneri threatened to harm me anytime I return to the state .PLAY THE TAPE and show the petition. Then on 23rd December, 2022 we got to Imo and despite their best efforts, we made it to Akokwa my home town. But when my convoy left to take my guests who came from Abuja with me to Owerri, we were attacked by hooded men who did not speak in Igbo language but spoke like those from Rivers and Bayelsa and they opened fire but in a white hilux was seated Uzodimma aide Chinasa Nwaneri who was coordinating the attack. After this attack, I also wrote petitions to the Security agencies and also the National Security Adviser (NSA) yet to the best of my knowledge, nothing was done. This was exactly like Chinasa said that they are in charge of all the security agencies and nobody can help me. Chinasa also asked if I knew that several Ebubeagu members were unknown and that it would be easy for them to make me disappear without traces and nothing would happen. Till date this man Chinasa still walks the street freely enjoying the full backing of the state.I continued my campaigns while putting my hope in God and the institutions of state which I believed would be decent enough to protect me.On January 14th during the attack, I succeeded in sending out emergency SOS messages, the security agencies in Imo did not respond promptly. They only did long after the attack. Till today, I am not aware anybody from the DSS in Imo visited the crime scene. I am also not aware that the Commissioner of Police visited the scene. I am also not aware of any official statements from these security agencies about the attacks. I appreciate one of the DIG who made efforts from Abuja, also the Deputy Commissioner of Police Imo State, the Area Commander and the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Akokwa who at one time or the other visited.Nigerians however saw a Governor who rushed to the media to try to impede investigations (if any) by dishing out untenable and indefensible narratives to water down the massacre of our people. When Hope Uzodimma spoke, he made reference to documents in his possession. The questions would then be, did the Governor have a brief of what happened to me even before it happened? What can Hope Uzodimma tell the world that he did with the so-called security report of my so-called meetings with people who wanted to stop elections in South East? Or did he not do anything because he knew the so-called people will come and attack me? So when exactly did the Governor receive this his security report as there is yet no investigation on the terrorist attack on my house? The storyline of the Governor seemed much like the prepared speech he already had to announce my death to Ndi Imo that those I had a non existing agreement with killed me after I breached the agreement he concocted in his head. But he failed and was unable to change the statement after I had survived and before the microphone was put before him.  Hope you have a lot to answer to Ndi Imo and the world on what you knew about the terrorist attack on our home that left my uncle and other innocent people dead. In his mixed glee and anger, glee that the attack happened and anger that I did not die, the Governor throughout his speech did not condemn the killings that happened in my house. He did not commiserate with the families of the dead, yet these are citizens he swore to protect their lives. Till today, the Imo state Government has not condemned the attack on my house but rather he was excited on the tv while saying I deserved the evil that was brought to our home. 

This is very curious. A further listen to the statement of the Commissioner for Information of Imo State one  Declan Emelumba, he out rightly rubbished the so-called security report which Hope Uzodimma relied on to make his comments and gave other reasons why what happened in my house happened. If truly there was a security report by security agencies from which the Governor spoke, could the Commissioner have given different reasons? It only goes to show that the Commissioner for Information did not believe the lies told by the Governor and believed he could have given the situation a better spin to the story, hence their disjointed stories.Many who saw the distasteful and disgusting video of the Governor did not see a man who is supposed to be the embodiment of authority that is legitimate and a man who was supposed to have a human heart but rather saw a man who was laughing and trivializing the murder of his citizens and members of my family.

 He laughed as his dished out his unbelievable narrative that I deserved what happened to me. I have always known Uzodimma as a man of very controversial past but I never knew he was a man who completely lacked every baseline of humanity even in public glare. I am still in shock and I wonder, is this how low Imo has descended? Indeed now I see what power can do to a man, particularly a man undeserving of the power he wields. Let me state once again, I believe that the political solution to the insecurity in the South East begins with the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

 Relying on the judgments of Court from the Federal high Court in Umuahia and also the Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja, the Government can release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and begin the healing process from there. It will lead to the identification of those who have genuine agitations and criminals who have taken advantage of the situation to wreak havoc on our people. But those who are making billions from the business of insecurity thriving in Imo and South East today will not want to hear this. For this reason and to stop me from exposing their plans for the worst political heist in our land, Ikenga must die. But unfortunately they are not my creator.The same way I advocate for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu release and for reconciliation process to begin is the same way I advocated for Sheik El Zakzakky to be released. It was the same way I advocated for Omoyele Sowore, Deji Adeyanju, Sunday Igboho, Umar Mohammed and many other citizens who at one time or the other I believed deserved their freedom and enforcement of their fundamental rights guaranteed under the 1999 Constitution.

 Mine is a search for solution, justice, equity and fairness. Is that enough for me to be killed?I say again, those who attacked my house did not speak in Igbo language but spoke like people from Rivers and Bayelsa just like the people who attacked my convoy on 23rd December, 2022. So we are not in doubt about the people who attacked us.At least more than four persons who witnessed the first attack and heard the attackers speak also survived the second attack and also heard them speak. They could not have all been wrong.Dear Nigerians, what I am about to say now, they do not know I know. Here is the photo of a Gold coloured Toyota Highlander SUV with Registration Number MUS 649 GF (SHOW CAR AND REGISTRATION NUMBER) belonging to one Mr. Uzoma Chukwujieze and his wife Kelechi Chukwujieze from Ihiteafoukwu in Ahiazu Mbaise LGA in Imo State. This vehicle was snatched from Mr. Uzoma in Owerri who was severely beaten by people matching the description of those who attacked my house. Mr. Uzoma is still in the hospital.This same Highlander was the first car in the convoy of cars that I saw with my own eyes that came to attack us in my house. So how was a Highlander taken from Owerri drive all the way to Akokwa, filled with gunmen and carrying all those explosives drive from Owerri to Akokwa without being spotted despite the checkpoints? These people asked for the direction to my house.While they were leaving in panic obviously having been informed that I had succeeded in sending out an SOS and there may be independent intervention, the car got stuck in a ditch and they were forced to bomb it there setting it ablaze but as God would have it, we were able to retrieve the number plate (SHOW THE HALF BURNT NUMBER PLATE) this is the car now. (SHOW THE BURNT CAR). It is still there on the road leading to my house.

“This piece of evidence from our private investigation debunks completely the lies by Hope Uzodimma about the identity of those who attacked my house. The Hope Uzodimma who has been looking for any reason, however flimsy to put me away for exposing Omuma Magic cannot change the facts of what happened in my house on the 14th January, 2023. If truly Uzodimma had any credible intelligence against me to stop elections in the South East, why did he not use such report since to nail me, rather he was cooking bogus allegations which could not be sustained in Court. By his comments, Hope Uzodimma admitted that he knew I was going to be killed and he did not do anything about it. Yet he says he is chief security officer . Can it not now be said that it was his silence that led to the deaths that occurred in my house? The same method of labeling me and making unfounded allegations. We are gathering more evidence. We are still running analysis of some of the things we found and in due course, more facts will emerge.Just for clarity sake and for the records, I have never had any meetings with any IPOB or ESN members or any other persons or groups for elections not to hold.I have been on this campaign and consultations for over three years now with every town and village  visited, so how can I want to stop I process i have spent and invested huge resources and time and for which the great people of Ideato are ready to massively vote for me in few weeks time. I therefore challenge the Governor to bring forward the purported evidence he said were in his possession about the date, time, venue of meetings I had with IPOB members and their identities.That I advocate for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and exposure of the evil plot to rig the 2023 election called Omuma Magic,does not require me to be killed, these things are  based on my sincere beliefs that it is the right thing to do and Hope Uzodimma cannot scare me away from that view with his false allegations against me. I have been consulting for the last three years traversing every towns and villages in the Federal Constituency, investing millions on hard earned money yet someone says I discussed with people for elections not to hold. If I had started moves and consultations since three years ago, when then could that meeting have been? If Hope Uzodimma is not guilty of Omuma Magic as he wants the public to believe, why has he been panicking and looking for excuses to put me away? Nigerians would remember that the government organized 7 press conferences in 3 days to attack me. They brought out one condemned prisoner from prison to come to claim I am his gay partner! How low could Imo govt led by Hope Uzodimma go! Officials of the government shared the hurriedly shot videos soon after Omuma Magic Leak all to discredit me. The guilty conscience of the Hope Uzodimma govt can now be seen by anyone looking at him. Does all these not show  he is no longer fit to be in the office of the Governor of a state.If by his own admission he says that he knew people were going to kill someone and his only reaction was to conclude that the person deserved death, then he has lost every right to be a Governor of a State. Assuming I deserved death, what about the other innocent people who have now died in that attack? Do they also deserve death? What of those whose properties were burnt? What of those whose houses were shaken to the foundations and glass panes shattered by the explosives? Do they deserve to be so punished? That unfortunately is the consequence of unmerited and undeserved mandate.I therefore use this opportunity to call on Mr.President, the National Security Adviser, The Inspector General of Police and the DG SSS to fulfill their promise to the Nigerian people to rein in these government backed militia and killer squads. They will remember that this was their promise when political party leaders met with them. If there is any humanity left in us, please, let the carnage in Imo State be stopped immediately. Nobody is sure of his life again in Imo State. Please Imo is bleeding and it is time to look into what is happening in Imo State, starting with investigation of my case. It will show who are truly behind the killings in Imo State because in Imo today ,many bloody activities are covered with the tag of unknown gunmen.

For this reason and others which cannot be made public today, I call for the arrest investigation and prosecution of Mr. Chinasa Nwaneri, one Ajangwo who celebrated his birthday just yesterday and made merry while those who were killed are still in the mortuary and also Mr. Declan Emelumba for the various roles they allegedly played in the two attacks on my convoy and my house on 23rd December, 2022 and 14th January, 2023. 

Their arrest and investigation will undoubtedly lead to the unraveling of those who commissioned the hit on my house and the killing of our people.It is also on this note that I announce that we have come to the end of the first phase of our mourning period pending when we will lay the remains of our Heroes who died in that attack to rest. We deeply miss them and we pledge to successfully complete the race we started for which they paid the supreme price. Hence I announce the full resumption of campaign activities so that come 25th February, we shall put to shame the killers of our people and we will win not for ourselves but for our people, our fallen comrades, all lovers of justice, equity and fairness, effective representation and those who want a strong voice in the National Assembly that will advocate for a country that is rooted in the principles of justice, equity and fairness on the strong pillars of a restructured nation.

 I assure that our people will have a voice that is courageous and will speak truth to power. I therefore call on all our supporters in Ideato Nation once again to remain steadfast, law abiding and strong. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere is back. I am running this election under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party and I will win this election for our party as I urge everyone in Ideato or who knows someone in Ideato to tell them that it is no longer about election and winning but about stopping those who mocked our people when they were being killed and did not do anything to save them when they could have done something. I call on umunnem ndi Imo, stand up don’t be scared, the state belongs to us all, we can’t surrender it to those who lacks the decency and popular will to be in office, with courage and unity we can recover Imo from this ongoing madness. 

They don’t own our state,they didn’t build it, they didn’t contribute to creation of imo and we must stop them from burning down and destruction of Imo State and the lives of Our people. Start mobilising from Ideato to Oguta,from orlu to owerri, from owerri to Okigwe we must send these strange men away with the power of the ballot.We will mobilize our people, we will come early to vote, we will defend our votes and we will make sure our votes count. The sovereignty of the people will not be trampled upon. I call on the international community who we shall take time out to visit all their embassies before we return to Owerri to submit petitions and some of the evidences we have on the killings going on in Imo State and press for appropriate international sanctions. 

We will also share these evidences with all the domestic security agencies. We must get Nigeria right. We appreciate the foreign missions for the visa ban but we want assets freeze and arrest once they enter their country these men who want to murder us all and undermine the 2023 elections which we are going to submit evidence on them starting from today.Let me now call on President Muhammadu Buhari to note that his promise to leave a legacy of free, fair and credible election is under threat.

 That legacy can only be achieved under an atmosphere of peace and security. Encourage the security agencies to do more. Call Hope Uzodimma to order now before he throws our democracy overboard.While we appreciate Mr. President for the BVAS and all other initiatives so far to make our elections free and fair, we must ask Mr. President to immediately demand for the investigation report of those who compromised the voter registration process now popularly called Omuma Magic. If the perpetrators are allowed to continue to walk free, they are still plotting to undermine the process and this is capable of throwing our country into civil unrest if not well managed. Mr. President ask the security agencies to unravel how these people intended to use the fake names and photographs they loaded into the voters register to get accredited and vote. 

This answer will unravel a lot of things and safeguard our election.This is part of the reason they bombed us and wants to kill me.Mr. President, we say this because we have intelligence that these people have assurances that they will have accreditation numbers pre-loaded for them. Though Nigerians have heard from Prof. Mahmood Yakubu that the BVAS is foolproof and cannot be hacked, and we believe and trust him, these people hold the strong belief they have already found a way around it. We do not think the country should relax until Election Day only to find out that the evil people have succeeded.

 Please we call for investigations now. Find them now before it is too late. They are running around looking for how to kill me because they now know I have this intelligence, find them now, Mr. President before they throw the country into crisis.

 We ask, who are those INEC says are trying to hack the INEC server and other platforms? It is this same people; hence we need to make hay while the sun shines. Finally, to my brothers and sisters in Ideato,Imo and Nigeria,  I call on you today to learn from my courage and stand up to these murderers. Though it is coming at very huge cost, but I say to you, stand up to these cowards. They cannot stand fair competition. If our forefathers who fought slave trade did not stand firm, if our fore father who gave us freedom from colonialism did not stand firm, who know where we would have been today. We should not succumb to their fear element, they used that to attempt to overpower us, I say to all of us, Stand up to these men.The men who sponsored this bloody attack wanted me and my entire family dead, they could not bear the pain and future fear of the information at my disposal that I will keep releasing, their vultures and dogs while they bombed us, kept shouting how today will be my last, and how they will have my head severed from my body, and how they will make a video of my last hours. But at last I am here, stronger than ever before by the only power of God who has kept me from being eaten by these vultures that have taken over ImoGod does not want me dead, until i actualize god’s purpose. These sponsors of the Akokwa mayhem had wished that even though their killer agents missed me by the whiskers, that I would at least be too shocked and afraid to speak about the things I know, but I believe that the greatest weapon of the oppressor is fear; once they are able to frighten you but despite carnage our will has been made stronger. We are stronger and our faith in God also stronger than ever before. We will be returning home to finish strong the people’s project of providing a strong voice and effective representation for our people. We hope that the NSA, Mr. President in keeping to their promise should direct for arrest and prosecution of these vultures that have taken over Imo and stop the blood bath.I will appeal to Mr. President again on the need for political solution in resolution of the Nnamdi Kanu issue with his unconditional release to pave way for genuine reconciliation and peace building in addressing all issues. the power resides with you Sir, the courts have ruled at different stages and you have the constitutional powers, ignore the advice of those who benefit from the unending blood bath and are hiding under it to unleash mayhem on our people in a bid to keep illegitimate power. They can never stand the sovereign will of the people. We must defend our mandate and do so with boldness so as to ensure the sanctity of our ballot because it is by so doing that we can end this orgy of violence and bloodletting.We must all guard our polling units. Ensure nobody takes away the BVAS especially between the hours of 11am to 4 pm. Protect all electoral staff and ensure nobody carries them away. The results must be a reflection of the will of the people. We have heard how they intend to attack polling units to take away bvas and use accredited figures to write and upload fake results, we have heard how they intend to attempt to influence posting of criminal elements as adhoc staff and we will expose the names in coming days as we have some of them, we have heard those they training to under Ratec work, we have heard how they plan to attack areas of strength of their opponents,  we have heard how they have marked polling units with high voting strength they want to use to subvert the will of the people, we have heard how they want to arrest leaders of other parties night before election with trumped-up charges etc All these will be discussed live in the days ahead as today will not contain the new informations we have.Citizens vigilance is key to stopping these electoral thieves and we must start now to mobilise ourselves. If you can spend days on fuel queues, then we can and we should spend just one day at the polling unit to ensure the right thing is done and that our votes count.Thank you all and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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