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By Ikenna Nnadi

From the first day Senator Samuel Anaynwu’s emerged as the National Secretary of the PDP, he commenced a deft atack against former Governor, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha who was controversially ousted by the Supreme Court on the 14th January, 2020. For Senator Anyanwu, popularly called Samdaddy everything Ihedioha did was wrong. His Divine Mandate Group became as a shadow to the Imo State PDP Executive and opposed every move of the party no matter how well intended. They sternly rejected and refused to recognize Ihedioha as the leader of Imo PDP. But what they didn’t realise was that Ihedioha was not just the leader of the Imo PDP, he was the leader and major opposition to the incumbent Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma of APC.

For nearly three years, Ihedioha led the opposition against the ruling APC government. The structure of the PDP from Ward to the state and his Rebuild Imo Organisation held firm against the ruling government. They choked Senator Hope Uzodinma to the extent he resorted to blackmailing him and the PDP of being responsibke for insecurity in the state. In all that, never a time was Samdaddy profiled nor targeted as opposition leader by the ruling government.

Within the PDP, Senator Anyanwu and his group accused Ihedioha and the PDP leadership as not doing enough to fund and strengthen the party. Their major weapon was to instigate party members to rebel against the party leadership, promising to put up a stronger show as leader of opposition should they abandon Ihedioha and make him the governorship flag bearer of the party for the November, 2023 Imo governorship election. Since winning the governorship ticket however, the reverse seems to be the case.

In less than 2 weeks after the PDP gave it’s Governorship ticket Owerri zone and specifically Ikeduru Local Government Area, what the PDP received in return was the political Iroko, Chairman Elders Committee of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Former member of PDP BOT, foremost Imo political leader Chief Aha Eji Aga Mba and SAMDADDY’S political father and benefactor led a delegation to the Government House where they adopted Governorship Hope Uzodinma to complete another 4 years with the 2023 Governorship election to hand over to Owerri Zone in 2027.

Far from that, it was reported that said Imo State Elders Committee endorsed Governorship Hope Uzodinma for a second term. The last time I checked, some prominent PDP leaders and Elders close or rooting for Senator Samdaddy have been active members and participants in Hope Uzodinma’s supposed Elders Committee. Prominent in the list are the former PDP State Chairman and member SEC of PDP is Chief Barr. Eze Duruiheoma SAN, Chairman Imo PDP Elders Committee Sir Ambrose Ejiogu, Secretary PDP Elders Committee Chief Barr. Peter Mgbenwelu Alias “Dundum”.

The shocking thing is that 48 hours after Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’s pronouncement, no prominent PDP leader from Owerri zone has made a statement to refute the voluntary donation of Imo gubernatorial seat 2023 by an Owerri leader to Hope Uzodinma. Secondly, none of the PDP leaders mentioned above who have been active players and participants in Hope Uzodinma’s Elders Committee has had the courage to challenge, repudiate or reject the said endorsement.

The silence of the said PDP elders and Samdaddy allies is deemed as consent. They are deemed to have accepted the endorsement by their silence.

Now outside the mentioned elders, the leadership of PDP in Owerri zone which ought to respond timeously in opposition to the endorsement which tends to neutralise our party’s faith in giving Owerri zone it’s governorship ticket, was no where to be found. One winders if our party has agreed with the proposal which urges the people Owerri zone to support Uzodinma for 2023 and wait for their turn only in 2027?

Now outside the leadership of PD in Owerri zone, the Divine Mandate Organisation which is the main political organisation driving the interest of our Governorship candidate has said nothing concerning the Iwuanyanwu endorsement. The Samdaddy campaign organisation ought to fire the first bazooka against Chief Iwuanyanwu’s endorsement. But they have maintained silence

Now the question: why are Owerri zone leaders condoning the statement by Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu? Why are Ikeduru leaders silent to Iwuanyanwu’s move? Why has PDP leaders who hitherto enjoyed the allures of the Imo Elders Committee not distanced themselves from the statement that jeopardizes Imo PDP’s stronghold? Why is the campaign organisation of our party which should assert itself as the main opposition party in the state silent about Chief Iwuanyanwu’s moves?

I want to ask if there is more that we do not know in Imo PDP? We need quick answers so that we know our position. Every body in Imo State knows what the National Secretary of PDP and now the PDP 2023 Governorship Standard Bearer is to Chief Iwuanyanwu. Nobody has told us Senator Samuel Anyanwu has fallen out with his political mentor and leader. Is this the case of John the Baptist who is went to prepare the way for the messenger?

The lack of outrage from Ikeduru people, leaders of PDP in Ikeduru and Owerri zone and the Divine Mandate Organisation is speaking volumes. It is most unusual that Chief Iwuanyanwu would see Samdaddy and root for Hope Uzodinma. Unless there is a pact that we do not know. Or someone tell us Samdaddy is not in cahoots with Chief Iwuanyanwu. How come the Samdaddy vuvuzelas like Ik Ogbonna, Ikenna Onuoha, Sunny Ndukwu have all gone silent and dumb l? How come they now pretend they didn’t hear Iwuanyanwu’s declaration? How come they have no bullets for the major holder of the Imo Governorship seat, Senator Uzodinma? Your guess is as good as mine.

It looks like the life objective of Senator Samdaddy and his Divine Mandate is to attack Ihedioha and stop him from grabbing the Imo PDP 2023 governorship ticket for the November, 2023 gubernatorial election. It seems clear that Senator Anyanwu and his Divine Mandate Organisation never prepares to oppose Senator Hope Uzodinma. The silence of Samdaddy and his Divine Mandate to Iwuanyanwu’s declaration appears like the Hand of Essau, but the voice of Jacob.

Senator Samuel Anyanwu must come clean and tell Imo PDP the truth. Is he really in the Imo Governorship race or did he come to help Uzodinma dislodge Ihedioha while paving the way for himself for 2027 in an unknown pact with the incumbent Governor? This looks highly likely.

Let’s keep watching.

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