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Resist temptation for street protest, Uwandu tells frustrated Nigerian youths

by OkeomaNews

A former Governorship Aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party in Imo State, Chief Sam Uwandu has called on the aggrieved and frustrated Nigerian youths to resist the temptation of street protest at this critical moment leading to the 2023 general elections in the country.

He spoke when a group of Nigerian Professionals resident in America visited his office in Washington DC where he urged and encouraged them to protest with their PVCS instead.

Chief Sam Uwandu who is a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountant added that the Nigerian youths should use their PVCS to vote out bad government in 2023.

He maintained that Nigerians have to be careful during this period of election, saying that the mood of the people in the country has said it all.

According to him, “We are dealing with people who are too advanced politically, the people that want power and would resist given up on power at all cost”.

The fuel scarcity, currency scarcity the man made hardship are all the master’s script to Force street protest, and this is exactly what the cabal wants.

The Imo born American trained and certified Accountant said that it is becoming obvious and doubtful that Nigerians will vote them back in office in 2023 given the pains and sufferings they have caused the people.

He furth added that street protest at this critical stage will be an invitation for military take over in Nigeria.

Chief Sam Uwandu Pleaded with the people to endure this remaining days, and if we have to protest, let’s protest with our PVCS – a major tool to voting out bad government in the country.

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