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Resign as Imo gov, Achonu tells Uzodimma

by OkeomaNews

The governorship candidate of the Labour Party, Athan Achonu, has asked the governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, to resign as the governor of the state.

For abdicating his responsibility as Chief Security officer of the state, to Youths, President Generals, Traditional rulers and others community institutions and trying to induce them to cover up his woeful failure to secure the lives and properties of Imolites, Achonu has Uzodimma to resign immediately.

In a statement issued by the Director General of his Campaign Organisation Chime Nzeribe, Senator Achonu made this demand in response to the recent meeting which the State Governor convened with traditional rulers, President Generals and youth leaders of the 655 communities in Imo State and practically handed over the security of their domains to them, against the activities of criminal intruders masquerading as gunmen.

On the recent decision of the IMSG to dole out N1m to each traditional ruler for security, Senator Achonu wondered why it took the governor over three years to recognize and appreciate the need to fund security at the grassroots while the state was ravaged by mindless killings and wanton destruction of properties over the period.

According to Senator Achonu, given the timing of the disbursement less than four months to the governorship election, it is obvious that this Greek gift was actually aimed at compromising the traditional institution in the state to become apostles and supporters of the administration’s failed and decadent agenda.

“What Governor Uzodimma has simply done is to confirm the belief among majority of Imolites that he does not have any idea on how to tackle the issue of insecurity ravaging the State. The most honourable thing at this point is for him to resign, instead of continuing to waste our time and money pretending to be the governor, when in the real sense, he doesn’t know what his office entails.”

Speaking further, the Imo guber frontrunner noted that “The first duty of government is to protect lives and properties, and a governor, by the dictates of our Federal Constitution is the Chief Security Officer of the State. If the Chief Security Officer is telling the people he is supposed to protect, to protect themselves, that simply means that he lacks capacity to remain as their Governor.

“It is indeed worrisome that on the eve of a Gubernatorial election in which he is a candidate, Governor Uzodimma has just realized that the traditional institution exists. Between October 19, 2021 and July 17th, 2023, about five traditional rulers have been reportedly murdered in cold blood. None has been resolved till date.

He vowed to holistically address the security challenges facing the state upon assumption of office and, in particular, liaise with the police and other security agencies to work out a special protection scheme for our traditional rulers and our communities. 

Achonu who went ahead to urge the governor to relinquish the governorship seat and resign as a candidate in the upcoming election, because it is obvious that he doesn’t know what to do with the office he occupies, and has lost any right to present himself for another election, assured Imolites that he and his team will provide the requisite leadership to rescue Imo from it’s present predicament of insecurity and other challenges.

“With my team, I shall provide security to the last strip of land in Imo State. I will not relinquish my power to anyone, but lead them and make them have confidence in my leadership, such that they will fully cooperate with my agenda for securing our dear State. Uzodimma has confirmed that he doesn’t have the ideas or even the desire to protect our people, hence, his call for the people to resort to self-help. I have told him to resign as governor and also quit the governorship race, because he lacks the qualification to be governor either now or in the future,” Achonu declared

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