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Stop blackmailing Poly Rector, group tells Nonsonkwa

by OkeomaNews

Press Release 16 June, 2023


A group, Concerned Alumni of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, has cautioned Nonsonkwa, who real name is Theodore Chinonso Ubah, over what it described as “act of blackmail against the Rector and Management of Federal Polytechnic Nekede”.

In a release last Thursday signed by Madu Giftus in Owerri, the group reprimanded Nonsonkwa for spreading lies against the Rector and the institution for the purpose of character defamation. Among the lies spread by Nonsonkwa was that the school fees of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede was too high. He also claimed that institutions in the north do not ask their students to pay fees before they write their exams. Again, he blatantly lied when he said that the Rector and Management are merciless for enforcing a no-fee-no-exam policy.

As if under the influence of some narcotic, Nonsonkwa further alleged that the Rector’s children are abroad where he is sponsoring them with students’ fees. More ridiculous is the fact that the said Nonsonkwa pronounced punishment on the Management of the institution, having seen himself as a tin god. The group described the accusations of Nonsonkwa on the Management of their beloved alumni as an affront on its members and the integrity of the institution.

They cautioned Nonsonkwa to end his business of blackmail and urged him to be more useful to himself and family. In the case of the no fees, no exams policy, the group described it as a normal phenomenon everywhere since a student is under obligation to pay for the services they enjoy.The Concerned Alumni of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede also wondered why Nonsonkwa should drag Rector’s children into the public domain, urging him to leave the innocent kids alone irrespective of where they might be studying, adding that it was no business of his.

The statement reads in part: “As an accomplished public servant who has reached the zenith of his career, it is within his rights to send his children wherever he prefers, as he owes no one any apology. Yet, the Rector prefers to have his kids remain with him. It is simply ridiculous that Nonsonkwa would descend so low in the business of character defamation to allege that the kinds are abroad.”The group further debunked the claim that the Rector and his Management are heartless. According to them, the Rector before his present position had been paying fees for the indigent among students, wondering if the same person could suddenly have a change of attitude to the people he was helping before his elevation.

“It is on record that before his assumption as 8th substantive Rector of the polytechnic, Engr. Dr. M.C. Arimanwa, as chief lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, was paying fees for poor students whose parents could not pay their fees. It was not an obligation but he chose to do it. After all, any parent who sends his child to a higher institution should be ready to fund the education they have gone to acquire.”The group disclosed that as Rector, Engr. Dr. M.C. Arimanwa has paid fees of over 50 indigent fellows in the institution.

They challenged Nonsonkwa to show evidence of indigent students he has paid their fees. The group therefore cautioned Nonsonkwa to desist from running individuals down for selfish gains, accusing him of collecting money from students and some disgruntled staff to defame the Management of the institution.

Finally, the group hailed the Rector and Management for the visible strides made in all sectors of the institution, describing them as fruits of visionary leadership. They encouraged students to brave the odds and pay their fees in time so as to write their exams, adding that no debtor dictates terms of payment to his creditor. They also called for timely dialogue between the Student Union and Management while cautioning students who consult Nonsonkwa to speak for them to stop with immediate effect as they are only paying to a con man.

According to them, “Nonsonkwa is a business man who collects money from people to run down perceived enemies. He has an ugly track record, a reason he is still owing staff of a secondary school he once managed in Ifakala. He is not a genuine character as he uses a non-existent NGO, Protect the Weak International Foundation, to deceive people.”

Madu Giftus
Chairman, Concerned Alumni of Federal Polytechnic Nekede

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