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Imo Govt accuses PDP of plotting to stage protest in Abuja

by OkeomaNews

Imo State government has declared that it is aware of a sinister plan by the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to feast on the blood of the victims of insecurity in the state, through a planned phantom protest in Abuja, scheduled for this week.

According to the government, the opposition has recruited
unsuspecting indigenes and miscreants for shipment to Abuja for the protest at diplomatic missions, where the recruits will claim to be relatives of the victims of insecurity in the state, and blame the government for the killings.

A statement in Owerri on Monday by the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon Declan Emelumba, said the frustrated opposition PDP rattled by the defeat staring them in the face in the November governorship election is now employing all manner of desperate antics to cause confusion in the state.

Emelumba said the government is fully aware of this evil plan by the PDP, which is scheduled to hold in Abuja within the week, explaining that the whole idea is to blackmail the government of being responsible for the killing of those who lost their lives in the state.

He regretted that a political party seeking to govern the state is ready to dance on the graves of Imo citizens and feast on their blood in their quest for power.

The statement continues : “Fully aware of its lack of capacity and integrity to win the upcoming governorship election in Imo State this November, the PDP is now resorting to this barefaced falsehood embedded in hypocrisy as the last ditch effort to win the sympathy of gullible members of the society.

“Aware of its complicity in the blood-letting that previously rocked the state after it brazenly declared that it would make Imo ungovernable for His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma, the Executive Governor of the state, PDP now wants to turn the table against the same government by recruiting unsuspecting people and urchins from the 27 local government areas and parade them as victims of insecurity in the state, who will claim that it was the government that killed their relatives.

“Currently, PDP is moving across the local government areas paying huge sums of money to people,10 per LGA, preparatory to shipping them to Abuja for the orchestrated protest.

“Government is therefore warning parents and guardians to rein in their children and wards lest they become victims in a proxy war of vendetta and greed.

“Both the Nigerian people and the diplomatic community should ignore such self serving politically motivated protest which is aimed at blackmailing the state government.

“The security agencies have also been put on high alert to look out for those bent on perpetrating crimes in a bid to thwart the hard won peace in the state.

“Finally, the administration of Gov Hope Uzodimma will continue to do all within its constitutional responsibilities to ensure that nobody disrupts the peace of the state. It will also continue to discharge its responsibility of protecting lives and property in the state”

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