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Imo: Group wants political parties to cede deputy gov tickets to women

by OkeomaNews

A group, Imo Women Matter, has asked political parties to cede the deputy governorship tickets to women in Imo State.

At a press conference in Owerri, the state capital, the first lady of Ondo State, Betty Anyanwu- Akeredolu, who is the convener of the group said that women of the state ought to play more prominent roles in the political landscape of the state.

Akeredolu, said that as part of the measures to encourage women participation in politics, political parties should reserve the deputy governorship slots to women for the November 11 governorship election in the state.

Akeredolu said “I submit  that capacity, competence etc are requirements that determine success of individuals who come forward for public service and in political leadership recruitment processes be they male or female.While diversity is supported in advanced societies, the case is totally different in underdeveloped and emerging nations of Africa, Asia etc, where anomalies around marginalization and utter exclusion of segments of the population are common practices.It is incontrovertible that within Africa countries, Nigeria in particular is ranked amongst nations where negative, sometimes painful traditional and cultural practices manifest in treatments against women. 

“Reports abound on several patriarchal tendencies and practices that limit the realization of full potentials by the womenfolk in Nigeria. There are instances where the boy-child is enrolled in school while the girl-child is made to stay at home and often compelled into early marriage as means to raise funds for the education of the boy child.

“This scenario also plays out in adult life when women may not partake in family inheritance, marginalized in employment, school admissions, up to denial to bail anyone under police custody.One could go on to highlight more of these unfair and demeaning treatments but the central message is that women are not given fair and equal rights, equal opportunities and treatments as their male counterparts. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 which harps on Global Gender Equality comes as a sing song by people including political leaders who pay lip service to efforts on the attainment of this goal.

“A recent sad development on the hydraheaded monster of exclusion against Nigerian women which has been variously described as the worst case of political rape was the experience of Senator Aisha Binani who succeeded to break the glass ceiling and recorded a major political milestone to have emerged the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the recently held gubernatorial election in Adamawa State. 

“Mrs. Binani by all measurable indices and scores of the said election was coasting to victory but alas, the victory was arrested by sexists and other forces of misogyny both within and outside Adamawa State.It is often said in Nigeria that once a popular candidate is about to be declared a winner in an election, scheming by the opposition to ensure the truncation of the result include a declaration of inconclusive election and a rerun as this mostly mean a collusion with the umpire to undermine the electoral process.

“In an attempt to bring closer home the sad evidences of patriarchal tendencies and misogyny is a scenario in Imo State, one of the educationally advanced states in Nigeria, as presented below:- three elected senators are males-  ten elected members of the house of representatives, only one is femaletwenty seven elected members of the Imo State House of Assembly are males- the positions of chairmen, vice chairmen and secretaries of major political parties in the state are all males- all the governorship candidates across political parties in the state are males.The above data is a pointer to the precarious situation which confirms a position held by the womenfolk and observers that the bulk of the menfolk in Imo State do not believe that women matter.  

“This reality is the immediate cause of the intervention by the Imo Women Matter which is an umbrella association of Imo women who reject its entirety the mindless exclusion of women in political representation and governance in Imo State. We are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Enough of this “boys brigade” line up on Imo political landscape!!!The members of Imo Women Matter have arisen to the challenge for our sake, for the sake of young girl-children of Imo State and generations yet unborn. 

“We are currently mobilizing and conscientizing other women to unite and take the bull by its horn through the design and implementation of strategic interventions and action plans including but not limited to the following:A. Submission of protest letters to political parties in Imo State with a demand that the position of deputy governorship candidates across the parties be reserved for women.B. 

“Partnership with friendly segments of the press with an objective for wider reach and to sustain the message of protest and demand.C. Press conference with participation by frontline media outfits and women representatives drawn from zones across the state.D. Constructive post conference engagements with women, political leaders, relevant persons especially HE4SHEs and opinion leaders in the state. 

“The outlined action plans are designed to be sustained to such a time that the women will achieve desired results on gender equality, better treatments and equal opportunities for all.CONCLUSION/ CLARION CALLMay I at this juncture, echo our mission statement which is to design strategic interventions for inclusion of women in governance and political representation in Imo State.

“It is on the strength of the aforestated mission statement inspired by the  harsh realities faced by women which are preventing the realization of their full potentials required to thrive alongside their male counterparts that I, on behalf of Imo Women Matter call on every Imo citizen to join us to save the Imo women from political and economic extinction.”

In his remarks, a professor of Law, Nnamdi Obiaraeri, decried the marginalisation of the women of the state in politics by their male counterparts.

Obiaraeri, said that it was unfortunate that no woman is among the 27 lawmakers -elect of the house of Assembly and only one woman made it out of the three Senators-elect and ten House of representatives members- elect from the state.

Obiaraeri, said that it was appropriate to demand that political parties should cede the deputy governorship slots to women for the November 11 governorship election in the state.

Contributing, Princess Calista Anene, said that it was time the women of the state started playing significant roles in the polity of the state.

Anene, said that the state governor, Hope Uzodimma, should consciously promote gender equality in politics in the state by picking a woman as his running mate for the up coming governorship election in the state.

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