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Kinsmen allegedly refuses man access road to his house in Orlu since 2009

by admin@okeomanews.ng

Watch the video and listen to the man’s story

“My name is Mr. Uzoma Irechukwu Otum
I am from Umueleke Orlu, Orlu local government of Imo state.
This issue started long ago, after I acquired the said property from late Mr. THOMAS NWAOGWUGWU, the land is situated at BSC ROAD, close to the Orlu cathedral church.
At the time of purchase there is a piece of land in front of the land owned by Late Mr. Iyoh Anozie. My late father Mr. Sylvester Otum, made first approach to Mr.Iyoh offering him to sale the land or give a passage for me to have access to the property, which he refused but asked my father that I should send one his children overseas. However, this request was huge and I have just travelled out and have not even gotten a permit of stay where I am staying not talking of having opportunities of bringing over someone else. I will never accept what I cannot fulfil. By 2009 I started building my house, all the materials, like sand, rods are always offloaded in that little piece of land in front of my property and there has never been issues, until I was about putting a gate. The gate that has been purchased, could not be fixed because Mr. Iyoh and his children did not allow the workers to mount the gate. I tried so many ways, pleading with this family, even after the passing of my dad in 2005, I made another contact to them presenting wine and other items pleading with them but they refused as well. In one occasion when I visited their house one his sons, chased me and the people that came with me away with a long knife. One thing I am regretting today is my soft heart and that sense of not trying to take what does not belong to me forcefully. I wanted them to give me way willingly without any coercion and I was rightfully ready to give them the worth of the land but they refused. One day, a phone call came telling me they are building lockup shops in front of my house, people asked me to use police and force but I still refused. I went to his Royal highness Eze Patrick Achelonu to report this issue, and he promised he will talk to them, but till today nothing concrete has been done while I have decided not to come back to that community again

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