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Kizito Duru

When one considers the quality representation constituents of some Federal Constituencies in Imo enjoy and juxtaposes it with what is obtainable in Okigwe North in the last decade, one is faced with the sad reality that Okigwe North has been grossly under represented over the years.

This is why next month’s general election should matter to every sane constituent of Okigwe North. Another opportunity has presented itself to pull Okigwe North out of the suffocating grip of unproductive hands and entrust the responsibility of changing the sorry story of the constituency into the hands of someone who has readied himself to bring about a positive change and a paradigm shift from the ugly past.

The candidate of the Labour Party for Okigwe North Federal Constituency in the 2023 elections, Chikwem Onuoha, is a man passionate about leadership. Many think this is the factor behind his unrelenting drive in wanting to represent his Federal Constituency in the National Assembly despite previous electoral disappointments.

Importantly, he is also passionate about the development of Nigeria, Imo State and Okigwe Zone in particular. Every step he has taken and the words that were spoken by him point to this fact. Chikwem is not one of those who believe that running for a political office is to enrich one’s self. Understanding the fact that he is already a self-made man buttresses this fact.

Several people in Okigwe North attribute philanthropy and humanitarianism to many gestures by Chikwem. He is seen as a giver. Chances are that such a man will not be greedy. He will return to the people what is due them. In addition to that, those close to him see leadership ability in him. He is an organizer and a good manager of men and this is an attribute of a good leader.

Chikwem has always maintained his desire to use a political office to improve lives and develop his constituency. If this and the natural threats he exhibits are anything to go by, he will not disappoint the people if power is entrusted to his care. He’s got the experience and talent to make a good rep member. The ball is in the court of the electorate to make the choice. And if it is Chikwem Onuoha, it will be the best choice so far in the history of Okigwe North.


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