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I have performed credibly, vote me again, Onyewuchi tells Owerri people

by OkeomaNews

Senator representing Imo East( Owerri zone), Ezenwa Onyewuchi, has asked his constituents to reelect him on February 25.

Onyewuchi who spoke on Sunday at a town hall meeting organised by the Owerri Catholic Archdiocese for political office seekers, said that he was seeking for a mandate to go back to the senate on the strength of his performance.

The senator said that he had his projects and empowerment programmes and projects scattered across the nine Local Government Areas in the zone.

The senator said ” I  am seeking a return to the senate on two grounds. One is on the basis of ranking and two is on the straight of my performance. If I go back to the senate, Owerri zone has an opportunity of producing a principal officer of the senate and you know what that means for the Owerri people.

“Secondly which is most important is my performance. I have 184 projects scattered in the nine Local Government Areas of Owerri zone. My empowerment programmes and projects are numerous. On the floor of the senate I have been very vocal. I have numerous motions and bills in my name. The old Peoples bill signed into law by the President was my bill. 

“In 2017 when it mattered most I spoke in defence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. When the army invaded his house in Umuahia I felt it was unnecessary and I spoke against it. I have always stood for my people. My achievements are verifiable.”

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