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Breaking: Imo PDP demands sacking of INEC REC

by OkeomaNews

The Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has called for the immediate sacking of the Resident Electoral Commissioner for the Independent National Electoral Commission in the state, Silvia Agu.

PDP in a statement issued in Owerri on Tuesday by its spokesperson in the state, Collins Opuruozor, accused the All Progressives Congress of rigging the February 25 presidential and the national Assembly elections in the state with the aid of the state INEC REC.

The main opposition party said that it had discovered how the electoral umpire used Jigawa state results were uploaded on INEC portal as the Imo State results.

The statement read “The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has made a groundbreaking discovery of how some senior officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) colluded with the APC-led administration of Senator Hope Uzodinma in Imo State to perpetrate massive electoral fraud in the State during the Presidential and National Assembly elections that held on Saturday, February 25th, 2023.

“By the time voting was concluded in Imo State on Election Day, it had become clear that APC and all of its candidates lost almost every single polling unit in the State. The desperation to upturn the wishes of Imo people began.

“The first step was to manufacture results for areas where elections did not hold. In Okigwe LGA, elections did not hold in Ihube, Agbobu, Umuowaibu, Aku, Umulolo,Ogii and Amuro Wards. But the Imo State INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner, Prof. Sylvia Agu, handed over the election materials for the areas to agents of Senator Uzodinma. In the end, results were written in favour of APC.

” The highly corrupt and compromised INEC in the State headed by Prof. Agu accepted those fabricated results and declared them. We have never had it this bad with INEC in the history of electioneering in Nigeria!

“Un three other Local Government Areas, particularly, Aboh Mbaise, Oguta and Ehime Mbano, where PDP won by over eighty percent of the total votes cast, the worst happened. Results from Jigawa State were imported into Imo State, and this morally-bankrupt INEC in Imo swapped them with the authentic results from the polling units across these three LGAs. Subsequently, the Jigawa results were transmitted to iREV Portal on Sunday, February 26th, 2026.

“To be specific, the following polling units in Aboh Mbaise LGA had by the dusk of Sunday, February, 26th, been replaced with results from Jigawa State: Community School Ndigbo, Community School Okwu Na Akuwa, Egbelu Ndiegbo Hall, Egbelu Square, Umuaghara Hall, Umueke Hall, Community School Egbelu, Umumbie Hall, Umunobi Umuoshi Village Hall, Umuorobara Hall, Umuoshi Village Hall, Akpotu Hall, and Eziala Amaishii Amano Hall.

“In Ehime Mbano LGA, Isi Orie Primary School, Umuopara-Ama Hall, Umuezeala Offor Hall, Obom Umuako Square, Secondary School Umuezeala-Ama, Ukwuegbu Umuaro Hall, Ukwuobu Umuezeala Ogwara C/SUmuagba/Umuoba Hall, Community School Umuezeala-Ama, Umuduru Aro Square 1, Umuduru Aro Square 11, and Isi-Afor Primary School were polling units where Jigawa results were also uploaded and transmitted.

“This same fraud happened in Oguta LGA. For Orsu and Oru East, and most parts of Orlu LGA where elections never held at all, results from Jigawa State were similarly uploaded onto the INEC Server, while their authentic result sheets delivered to Imo APC by INEC for the second phase of the fraud. In Njaba LGA, the INEC Electoral Officer who refused to yield to threats by agents of the APC to do this same thing was abducted and almost assassinated. Till date, the elections in Njaba remain inconclusive.

“By the late hours of Wednesday, the writing and rewriting of the results from Imo polling units had been concluded by agents of the APC, and INEC accepted them. That was when INEC in Imo began to cover its tracks, unaware that the internet footprints and many other damning proofs of the criminal subversion of the will of Imo people and bizarre importation of alien results into Imo were firmly already at our disposal. And by Thursday, March 2nd, INEC began to pull down the Jigawa State results earlier uploaded on the iREV as Imo results. In some instances, results written right in Douglas House were uploaded as replacements to the previous ones from Jigawa. In other instances, no results were uploaded at all.

“For Mbaitoli LGA, there were no elections in about eighty-eight (88) polling units, while two (2) polling units in Owerri West and three (3) polling units in Owerri Municipal had no elections. This means that for Owerri senatorial district,  elections never held at polling units with total number of collected PVCs placed at about forty-one thousand, three hundred and thirty-nine (41, 339). 

“Yet, INEC went ahead to violate the clear provisions of the Electoral Act by declaring someone Senator-Elect even when the margin of lead between the so-called winner and the second person was less than thirteen thousand (13,000) votes. This is outrageous!

“Given this solid evidence of corruption, criminality and unabashed manipulation of the electoral process, Imo PDP states without equivocation that INEC in Imo as headed by Prof. Sylvia Agu is now totally and irredeemably unfit to continue to act as umpire for subsequent elections in the State.

“The Prof. Agu-led INEC in Imo State has unfortunately defined itself as the election-rigging organ of Imo APC. Prof. Agu has carried on with this hatchet job in ways that are most injurious to democracy and which may stoke the flames of civil strife, anarchy and even war in Imo State.

“So far as Imo PDP is concerned, contesting any election in Imo under this partisan and compromised INEC  and expecting freeness, fairness and transparency of the exercise is simply a mirage.

“Already, our Party has garnered credible intelligence that this same INEC in Imo has dispatched the result sheets for this Saturday’s State Assembly elections to the Imo State Government House, where APC agents and INEC officials are writing results and declaring APC candidates winners for elections that are yet to hold.

“Imo PDP, therefore, demands the immediate sack of Prof. Sylvia Agu as the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner for Imo State. It has become very necessary for all citizens of Imo State to join hands to save our democracy, and the continued stay of Prof. Agu in Imo is most inimical to that objective. She must be removed from Imo State with the urgency of now!

“Further, our Party calls on relevant security agencies to apprehend and prosecute Prof. Agu in line with the provisions of the Electoral Act, so as to serve as a deterrent to other corrupt INEC officials.

“Finally, Imo PDP invites the Senate and the Governing Council of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to immediately begin the process of stripping off all academic qualifications bestowed upon Prof. Sylvia Agu. The UNN is renowned for its refined values captured in its mantra: “To restore the Dignity of Man”. Someone who has committed such heinous crime against the Nigerian state and has trampled upon the electoral dignity of Imo people obviously has no place in such revered citadel of learning.”

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