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(Opinion) 2023 : Ngor Okpala, Imo people focus on Ikenga JohnJude Okere

by OkeomaNews

By Ebuka Afam-Echi

Presently Imo State is at the crossroads because of poor leadership, lack of equity, fairness and justice. Many now hold the view that Imo is jinxed with the challenge of producing credible leadership that works and can minister to the needs of the people. The State is bountifully resourced with both human and material endowments. It therefore gives cause for concern that it is not able to weather through the storm of bad leadership that had become its lots since the new dispensation in 1999.

For sure it can never be for lack of good hands. However, the process of throwing good leadership is itself faulty and there is every need for us to take a break from the past. And there is no better time to do so than now. There is the urgent need to take steps to halt bad governance which consequences have taken valuable precious lives and threatened the existence of our people.

In the search for credible leadership Imo people are seeking to break away from career politicians especially those without second address whose major preoccupations is to use their privileged position to milk the people and suck them dry. In like manner there is also the burning desire to rotate power so that areas yet to produce leaders would do so. This is where the application of Charter of Equity comes in.

This charter exists in principle but not respected in practice. This is the reason leadership of the state have concentrated in Orlu zone for now.For instance, Owerri Zone that quarters the state capital has only ruled for 18 months and seven months of late Senator Evan Enwerem and Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha since 1976 when it was created. While Orlu 20 years of Udenwa, Okorocha and Uzodimma, just as Okigwe has recorded eight years of Mbakwe and Ohakim. Justice, equity and fairness demand that Owerri Zone gets it in November 11, 2023 gov’ship election.

And in Owerri Zone, Ngor Okpala ought to have a shot at it. Very many good reasons abound for Ngor Okapala to taste power in the state. This is because, the LGA, besides being one of the biggest in landmass, also has a huge population density. It is where Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport is located. It is the home of three of the five members of the sensational Oriental Brothers International Band that brought sucour to Ndigbo especially after its civil war. The man who pioneered private university education in Nigeria, Nnanna Ukaegbu hailed from here.

Ngor Okpala is also another food basket of Nde Imo. Its huge land mass is arable and very much in need of government attention to explore its numerous benefits. If the agricultural potential of this local government is fully harnessed, even if partially, the state would be better for it. The youths would be fully engaged employment wise and the streams of income generated would further help to develop the state.

Instead of throwing up government projects in the area to firm up its development its huge arable landmass have become a centre of attraction to some greedy politicians who use stolen government resources to amass their land. Some of these lands they have acquired for farms and some have kept for real estate or some other reasons. The owners of the lands and the community in general are denied of other sundry benefits governments presence may accord the environment.

Ngor Okpala is a very peaceful local government. It has its own fair share of manpower supply in the state as well as big shots that cut across all spheres of human endeavours-politics, economy, health, oil and gas, banking etc. In spite of all these, it has continued to warm the back seat and is not known to show any aggression in the struggle for power especially in the contest for the governorship position.

In truth one or two of its sons may have in the past shown interest to govern Imo but the desire doesn’t appear to demonstrate a strong appetite to justify the huge benefits the area will provide Imo people. The discipline and sanity demonstrated by its youths is one of the reasons Imo today is stabilized especially in Owerri Zone. It is saddening that in spite of all these huge dividends that accrue from this area it has not benefited as it should from government support.

Yet, Ngor Okpala LGA has never produced a senator, has never reared a minister, no deputy governor and no governor. It has continued to play the second fiddle in many aspects when it actually take the lead. Politicians appreciates its big population size to win election as a game changer and never see the opportunity that they have to win the election for itself. It is on account of this that one of its youths has taken the bull by the horn to change the narratives.

Based on his brilliant credentials and immaculate, beautiful ideas and approaches to politics and other issues, Ikenga Johnjude Okere is the man Imo people are looking up to this November for redemption of what is left of the state. Ikenga few days ago picked up the governorship ticket of the Accord Party in Imo and is offering himself as a credible alternative that Imo people needs. Following the disappointing Labour Party primary in which people expected so much but had hopes dashed, the young Ngor Okpala man has availed himself to close the gap

Ikenga has vision for Imo which is industrialization of the LGAs based on the peculiarities of each of the councils. He has a master idea on how to confront the insecurity dealing with Imo right now and his desire is to that Imolites have confidence in governance. Industrialization will take many of our youths off the streets and boost agro-industries. During the Mike Opara era the South East, then Eastern region became one of the fastest growing economies of the world. That era is possible again with this Ngor Okpala born hopeful.

There is a disconnect between those in power and those being led. This disconnects draws from a crises of confidence and lack of trust between both parties. This is the reason the populace seeks to grab whatever they can from the politicians at the slightest contact.

They do so because many times the politicians have failed to prove themselves trustworthy in every endeavor. Imo needs someone who is clothed in integrity and strength of character who they can repose confidence in to deliver on their expectation. Ikenga JohnJude Okere is the man whom the cap fits. All Ngor Okpala people sons and daughters including Imolites now have somebody to focus on.

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