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Imo govt bombs Samdaddy

by OkeomaNews



Imo PDP Governorship candidate, Anyanwu, suffering from infantile mindset

Our attention has been drawn to a statement credited to the Imo State candidate of the People’s Democratic Party for the November 11, 2023 governorship election, Sen Samuel Anyanwu, accusing the performing Governor of the State, Dist. Sen Hope Uzodimma of greed and desperation.

Ordinarily, we would have ignored Sen. Anyanwu going by our convinction that he is suffering from infantile mindset and appears a stranded politician who neither knows where the rain started beating him nor when it will stop, but for the gullible he would want to deceive.

At the first Session of the 11th Synod of the Diocese of Mbaise held at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Owutu Parish, Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area of the State at the weekend, Sen. Anyanwu, rather than addressing the audience on what programmes he has that would be better than what Governor Uzodimma has offered, went on a weeping spree in a manner reminiscent of a lactating baby, an indication he obviously has nothing to offer the people.

But we are not surprised because this is a man who, all through his political career, has been fed by godfathers with Lactogen (milk) he probably does not know the cost.

Whether as Chairman of Ikeduru Local Government Area, member representing Ikeduru House of Assembly, Senator representing Owerri zone or the National Secretary of the PDP, the records are there to show that Sen. Anyanwu has always been delivered like a baby to the positions of responsibility he occupied.

So, finding his voice for the first time as a man of his own, his infantile mindset indicating that he has not learnt anything or better still, incapable of taking advantage of the tutelage period from his godfathers, has unfortunately manifested.

The question is, who will take Sen. Anyanwu and the statement credited to him at the Synod on Governor Uzodimma seriously?

Reason: Sen. Anyanwu has demonstrated, time and over again, that he is incapable of learning, not even the basic things of life, that qualify people to be regarded as responsible.

How come Sen. Anyanwu who claims to have passed through the hallowed Chambers of the State and National Assemblies as well as laying claim to being the National Secretary of the PDP accuse Governor Uzodimma of greed and desperation? On what basis? On what grounds?

At the risk of sounding immodest, the reverse of what Sen. Anyanwu was credited to have said is rather the case given that the PDP he is flying it’s flag has been torn to shreds based on his inherent greed and rabid desperation to be the standard bearer of the Party against popular wish.

The audience that Sen. Anyanwu went to address at Owutu already knows that his greed and desperation to fly the PDP flag were instrumental to key members of the Party in Imo State stepping aside for him and his handful of cheer leaders and rabble rousers.

For the avoidance of doubt, both the clergy, the laity and in fact, the entire Anglican Communion in Mbaise in particular and Imo State in general, are aware that Governor Uzodimma has demonstrated uncommon capacity for governance in Imo State as could be seen in the infrastructural renewal across the length and breadth of the State.

They are aware that the road to Sen. Anyanwu’s place, particularly the Ekemele spot on the newly reconstructed Owerri-Okigwe expressway, has been made motorable for the PDP governorship candidate who stood by helplessly for years and watched the place decayed and became a death trap.

We are almost certain that because Sen. Anyanwu’s kinsmen have been asking him questions regarding the Ekemele spot and his failure to offer reasonable answers, he found it convenient to shamelessly rush to Mbaise where the Synod took place, to seek support which, obviously he will not get because the people are aware that he is not just incompetent but a serial betrayer.

Sen. Anyanwu needs to be reminded that his person and his Party are culpable of the so-called thuggery, violence and election malpractices in Imo State he alluded to. Otherwise, why do they celebrate such ills anywhere they occur in Imo State if they do not approve of them?

How come Sen. Anyanwu and his Party celebrate insecurity in Imo State instead of joining hands with Governor Uzodimma and his government to fight the monster if they are not convinced that the whole idea of insecurity in the State is politically contrived to distract the government of Sen. Uzodimma?

Truth is that Governor Uzodimma does not and will not lose sleep over the November 11 governorship election because of a baby politician called Sen. Anyanwu flying the PDP flag.

The reasons why Governor Uzodimma cannot be desperate over the November 11 governorship election are legion.

First, the governor’s candidacy unlike Sen. Anyanwu, is popular and not mired in the controversy that was the emergence of the PDP candidate’s. Secondly, Governor Uzodimma has a track record of performance and verifiable achievements on display while the PDP candidate has nothing to show for the many years he has been around in politics except propaganda, blackmail, character assassination, among other negative tendencies.

Thirdly, Sen. Anyanwu and his Party are barely surviving because the PDP candidate connived with other like minds to put the fortunes of the Party in harm’s way such that what is left of it is nothing but a carcass.

Governor Uzodimma recognises more than Sen. Anyanwu that power can only come from God and his has been ordained by God hence the track record of performance despite the evil wishes of characters like the PDP candidate. Therefore, it does not pay Sen. Anyanwu to resort to his usual ways of character assassination as the basis upon which he wants to market his unpopular candidacy.

Imo people are not blind to good governance. They have experienced one under Governor Uzodimma and can attest to what he has done in the past three and half years of being in the saddle in lmo and do not need a biased and treacherous mind like that of Sen. Anyanwu to point the way to them.

Imo people have seen major roads linking their communities constructed by Governor Uzodimma. They have seen improved healthcare facilities dotting the nooks and crannies of their communities. They have seen massive rural roads reconstruction across the local government areas of the State. They have seen Governor Uzodimma’s performance in the area of Education, youth empowerment, agriculture, transportation, civil service reforms, women empowerment, to name but a few. These and more will count during the electioneering and not the lies Sen. Anyanwu went to the Synod at Owutu to tell his unsuspecting audience.

We doubt that Sen. Anyanwu has got anything tangible to campaign with other than to run Governor Uzodimma down with falsehood, propaganda, blackmail, et al. But he needs be reminded that Imo people are wiser.

Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to the Governor

June 5, 2023

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